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Staff Wanted!
Q and A
Introduction to FF8
My Rating
Who are Squall's Parents?
Julia and Rinoa
The Evil Charecters
Limit Breaks
What is SeeD?
Written SeeD tests- Answers
FF8 Chatroom
Side Quests
Final Fantasy VIII Pics/Screenshots
Final Fantasy News
Old News

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26/02/01- Started the News/Messages board!! Be sure to bookmark this site! Please sign the guestbook and use the polls!! I need help with those! Thanks

06/03/01- Added a new security feature to my site- no right click. Contact me at and ask me when you want to borrow pictures or anything else.

17/03/01- Started the Side Quest section. Almost complete.

27/03/01- Starting News Section. I finally have some staff.

15/04/01- Started "My Ratings" section.

24/05/01- Added more news, and the Q and A section to the site.

16/06/01- Completed Good Charecter section, added "Who are Squall's parents?" and changed the "Staff Wanted" area.

20/06/01- Completed the "Who are Squall's Parents?" section.

Any questions or comments?? Contact me at