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Staff Wanted!


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Staff Wanted!
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I am in Desperate Need for staff. I will except almost anybody. Simple HTML is all that you need to know. But there are some requirements:

- You have to speak English. I can't understand you, I can't hire you.

- Obviously I can't pay you, so you have to volunteer.

- If possible, I would like a phone number. This is not necessary, but if you are in my local calling area, Talking over the phone would solve more problems, and you would not have to wait a day for a reply from me.

- I need to know some things about you. I can't hire you unless I know who i'm talking to.

- I need you to be in constant touch with you. There has to be some notice if you decide to quit. You can stop anytime, but I don't want to constantly e-mail you, and get no reply.

If you want a job, I have many positions available, and I am willing to teach.

- News Heads for FF7 and FF9 Sites Needed!

Requirements- Has to edit and proofread the articles. Also has to put 1 article/news every month.

- News/Article Writers

Requirements- Has to hand in at least 3 articles every 2 weeks. Has to send the article to the Head's E-mail address, and then it will be added to my site. You will get your name with the article, and take all the credit.

We will get all the details done by e-mail, so if you are interested, contact me at and we will get these things worked out.