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Added by FF7_Ringmaster on Tuesday, May 1st, 2001

A recent issue of the magazine Dengeki playstation featured an interview with the FF10 development team members Yusuke Naora (The Art Director) Kazunari Nojima (Charecter Designer)and Yoshinori Kitase (Chief Director).

FFX will be the first game in the series to have spoken dialogue. The game will definitely have charecter voices at all major events. Apparently, Kitase said this was something that was hoped for FF8. He said "It's natural to want to have voices to go along with the realistic charecters we created for the PS1." he said. "But there was not enough time to do this for part 8." Voices will only be used in events in the game. "Obviously the shopkeeper won't have voice"

As for FFX's main theme, Nojima said it was about travel.
"I wanted to travel a world that doesn't exist." he says.

Added by FF7_Ringmaster on Thursday, May 24,2001 at 4:20 PM

Is Square Doomed?

In a shareholders meeting Tuesday morning, Square's president Hisashi Suzuki spoke about their money woes as of late. Square has even more financial losses to their investors. Square blames the four-month delay of Final Fantasy X and the high cost of their Play Online site as key reasons. In the mist of all this, Suzuki did hint the idea of multi-platforming saying that they want to give their games to a more worldwide audience in the future. To top things off, Square's president even stated that Square has been in business negitations with Microsoft for 2 years.

Added by FF7_Ringmaster on Saturday, May 26, 2001

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is set for the theaters July 11th. A 17 minute preview was showed, and a rumor is that the preview brang in close to a million dollars (US).
The movie is set on Earth 100 years from now, and something like the world is a wasteland. I don't know much about the movie. I will add more once I know more.

Added by FF7_Ringmaster on Monday,July 2nd,2001

Bandai and Final Fantasy?

Bandai is coming out with Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within action figures and toys! They are set to come out soon. It's also possible that they will be making FFX toys as well. For more info on this go to

Added by FF7_Ringmaster on Monday,July 16th,2001

Final Fantasy? 2 Thumbs Up!

I went to see Final Fantasy:The Spirits Within yesterday. That is a masterpeice if I have ever seen one. Graphics are so real it's hard to tell it's a CGI. I would strongly recommend that you see this movie.

Added by FF7_Ringmaster on Thursday,July 19th,2001

25% from the opening day alone. After horrible ticket sales for Friday and Saturday, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is expected to debut at number four on the box office this weekend. Recent projections expect the movie to rake in just under $20 million in its first five days of release. Needless to say, this isn't very good at all.

Square is aiming for $80 million in North American ticket sales and with an opening weekend income of about $10-12 million, it may be hard to accomplish, espically with other big name releases like Jurassic Park III and Planet of the Apes set to steal some of the sci-fi fans away from Final Fantasy in the upcoming weeks.

I will add more when I get more info.

Added by FF7_Ringmaster on Friday,August 3rd,2001

Legend of Legaia 2 Confirmed!

Square has announced that they will be making a Legend of Legaia 2. It will have an improved battle system, and possibly some great new charecters. It will be out in Japan fall 2001, and in america it is still to be announced.

Added by FF7_Ringmaster of Friday,August 3rd,2001

New FF:TSW Watches!!!

Seiko has come out with a holo-watch for FF:TSW! It is based on the one Aki wore in the movie. This watch is still in its prototype stage, but (When Completed) it will sell for $200! How cool is that!?

Added by FF7_Ringmaster on Tuesday,August 28th,2001

Final Fantasy Anime

During the Avex anime festival in Japan, Square recently announced plans for a Final Fantasy anime. Specifics were few and far between, but the series will be a collaboration between Square and Studio GONZO. Yoshikazu Miyao, famous for the Gundam Wing series, amung others, will help with the project.

While nothing was said about the plot, there's a high chance that it may coincide with the story line of an upcoming game, given some of Square's previous announcements. If it does follow a game's storyline, it will most likely be Final Fantasy XII's, which carries an expected March 2003 release.

No word on when it debut in Japan, but nothing could be promised about releasing this tv show outside Japan. But giving the series' popularity world-wide, not releasing it outside of Japan is going to make some Final Fantasy fans other places in the world pretty pissed.