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Who are Squall's Parents?


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Who are Squall's Parents?

Could Squall be Raine and Laguna's son?


When playing through Final Fantasy VIII one time, I stumbled upon an interesting piece of storyline. After Laguna explains his plan to defeat Ultimecia, it is possible to return back to the meeting room on the Ragnarok. Here you meet Laguna, Ward, and Kiros, who say things which imply that Squall is Laguna and Raine's son. Kiros says that Squall looks a lot like his mother, while Ward says that it's a good thing that he doesn't look like his father. Laguna says that he has a lot to tell you, but that you might not want to hear all of it.


Squall's parents must be known to both Kiros and Ward. The looking like your father quip suggests that Laguna is the father. If this is the case, that means the mother would be Raine, (or possible Julia, but the consequences of that are too sick to contemplate). This would mean that when Raine died, Squall would have been sent to the orphanage along with Ellone, and would explain why Squall used to call Ellone 'Sis'. Raine did  have another child while shortly after Laguna went looking for Ellone in Esthar, although it was not discussed much in the game. 

Despite what Ward says, Laguna and Squall look very similar. In the pictures below, Squall and Laguna's facial structure are nearly identical. 



Also remember that the Moomba's (who Laguna attempted to train how to speak), mistook Squall for Laguna in Dollet prison. According to the tutorial information, Moomba's recognize people by tasting peoples blood (presumably Squall was bleeding after being tortured). This would mean that Squall would need to have similar blood to Laguna's, which of course would be the case if Squall was Laguna's son.


There is a lot of conclusive evidence that Squall is Laguna's son, but then the question remains, why is Squall's surname Leonheart, rather than Loire? The best explanation I can think of, is that in the culture of Galbadia, the child takes on the mothers maiden name. This would also explain why Rinoa's surname is Heartilly, rather than Caraway.

The big question is of course, if Squall is supposed to be Laguna's son, why isn't this fact used more in the main storyline?

This information was taken from Final Fantasy:Lunatic Pandora with the owner's permission. If you would like to use this information, e-mail me at, or e-mail the owner of this work at

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