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Throughout the game, there are optional events that you can complete to find rare items, and make your party stronger. You can't do some side quests until you get to a certain part of the game. As soon as they are available, you can start one and stop and start it again wherever you want. It's best to complete side quest as soon as you can, as they may have an effect on the storyline of the game.

Side Quest- Shumi Village
Difficulty- Easy
Rewards- Fair
Other Info- Not available on disk four.

1- Visit the scuptor's workshop near the end of the village.
2-Speak with the village elder.
3-Assist the sculptor at his workshop.
4- Get the stones from all over shumi village. The Shadow Stone is at the top floor of the elevator, by the Draw Point. The stone will be at the crossing of 2 shadows near the elevator. The rest are below ground. Hint- The water stone is not in the pond.
5- Get your reward from the village elder after giving the 5 stones to the sculptor.
6-Exit the village, then go to the workshop and talk to the Elder's attendant.
7-Go to the elder's house and talk to the elder.
8- Talk to the Moomba outside the Elder's house.
9- Follow the moomba back to the workshop and speak to the Elder's attendant.
10- Repeat step 7.
11- Return to the workshop and see the attendant.
12- Go next door and see the artisian.
13- Repeat step 7.
14- Travel to Fisherman's Horizon and talk to the grease monkey.
15- Return to Shumi Village and talk to Artisian.
16- Go to the Elder and recieve Status Guard.

Side Quest- Obel Lake
Rewards- Good
Other Information- none.

Just north of Timber there is a lake called Obel Lake. There is a small peninsula in the center of the lake where you can find hidden options if you search the edge of the lake.

The options are:
Throw a Rock
Try Humming

After choosing "Try Humming" several times, you will encounter a strange creature just under the surface of the water. Speak with the creature and it will ask you to find Mr.Monkey. The only clues it gives you are:

"Mr. Monkey may have hopped a train toward Dollet"
"Mr. Monkey likes hanging out in forests"

Head for Dollet and search the forest west of the city. You will eventually find Mr.Monkey. After finding Mr.Monkey, head back to Obel Lake. The creature will give you more clues:

"Take a break at the railroad bridge"
"At the beack at Balamb, something special washes ashore at times"
"Take some time off at Eldbeak Peninsula"
"You'll find something on an island east of Timber,Too"
"There is also something on top of a mountain with a lake and cavern"
"Back in the day, south of here, there used to be a small but beautiful village surrounded by deep forests. Everyone lived a happy life there."
"Mr.Monkey had a rock like this I think.."

What the creature at Obel Lake is trying to say is that you should visit all of these places to find the objects of interest. First, you will be looking for small rocks in four locations.

Rock #1 (Mr. Monkey had a rock like this I think.)- You won't get this clue until you you find at least 1 more rock. Stand at Obel Lake and throw rocks until it says "The Rock skipped many, many times". Now head for the forest near Dollet to find Mr.Monkey. Throw Rocks at Mr.Monkey until he throws a rock back at you that says "U R H A E O".

Rock #2 (You will find something on an island East of Timber,too.)- The small island east of Timber is the one on the north side of the railroad bridge. Search the island until you find a rock with the inscription "R E A I D R"

Rock #3 (At the beach at Balamb, something special washes ashore at times)- There are lots of rocks on the beach south of Balamb. Search until you find a rock with the inscription "S T S L R M"

Rock #4 (There is also something on top of a mountain with a lake and cavern)- You have to have the Ragnarok to find this rock. On top of a mountain called the Monterosa Plateau, Northwest of Timber, search and you will find a bird warming it's eggs. Fight off the birds and you will find a rock with the writing "E A S N P D".

After getting all the rocks, go to the creature at Obel Lake. He will align the rock so they say a message: "Mordred Plains has Treasure"

Head for Mordred Plains, which is a large plain north of Esthar. Search the plain, and you will find 4 rocks with human faces. Each rock says something different, but only listen to the red faced one. He is a liar, so do the opposite of what he says. It will eventually lead to treasure. Talk to the Red Rock until it says "The Treasure Isn't Here!" Then check again. You will find a 3 Stars to teach a GF an ability.

"Take some time off at Eldbeak Peninsula" means go to to Eldbeak Peninsula, which is on the continent north of Balamb. Search the tip of the peninsula, and you will find a rock that says "tretimeasureatminoffdeisle" What does it mean? The clue said take TIME OFF at Eldbeak Peninsula, so take time and off out of the clue and you get "Treasure at Minde Isle."

Minde Island is a small island south of Esthar. Search the island to find a Luck J scroll.

"Back in the day, south of here, there used to be a small but beautiful village surrounded by deep forests. Everyone lived happy there" This is the odd forest east of Edea's house with a sort of round clearing containing a grassy area. If you land thereand go into the grassy part, Squall will mention there is alot of rubble around. That is all for that clue.

"Take a break at the railroad bridge" This is a hint that means many draw points can be found on railroad bridges.